Cases of "Quebracho"

Usually used for a presentation or collector knife in a case of cordura or other padded material to protect it.

No knife should come without a container but highly finished mirror bright blades will lose their sheen if stored in or used with a traditional sheath, losing collector value.

Thus an appropriate display case was my choice. This is correct, you can not give a knife without any "container", but in the knives that have a polished end, truly "a mirror" should not be used a sheath, because the holstering and re-holstering make lost the polished and a important part of the value of the knife. That is why my choice was to make a worthy case.

Personal Model 1 is not appropriate for another type of case but may appear ostentatious when carried to a barbecue. It is to be carried in its case and enjoyed at the table.

Display cases are made from Quebracho Colorado campana, cut from the lower bella rea near burl root of the tree that died rematurely, one or two years of age without develooping sapwood. In my first endeavor I decided to leave the outer bark which show its true beauty and is firmly attached to the heartwood.

Another example that should only be presented in a wood carry case.

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