Utility or Collectible knives

In my opinión what makes a collector grade knife is that beyond its functionality it must be constructed using the utmost exactness in fit and finish. While Premium and exotic materials is valuable, the design, fit and finish are paramount in establishing a knife of collector grade and quality.
The blade must have the same utility, properly tempered and sharpened but exceeding utilitarian levels in fit, finish and appearance.

A custom designed Bowie.
The design was the product of a long-awaited dream to make a unique knife for a "unique friend": Abel Domenech.
Blade: AISI 420. Size: 1/4" x 13/4" x 9 3/16" (6 x 45 x 230 mm).
Handle and the pommel are Ebony and the guard is silver of 95% purity.

Knife out of a catalog.
Blade: ATS 34. Size: 5/32" x 1" x 6 1/4"
(4 x 25 x 160 mm).
The guard is solid .950 silver.
Engraved by Carlos Chiara with her usual skill.
The handle: Ivory and Ebony with spacers of vulcanized fiber, .950 Silver plates and gold logo.
The knob is a head sculpted ivory bear head from Alaska.
Flawless, Best Quality.

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