My Background

I worked for the metallurgical industry until 1980, producing precision parts for aviation, railway, automotive and machinery.
I am the grandson of skilled craftsmen.
My paternal grandfather made carved wooden furniture.
My maternal grandfather made artistic bowls, trays, cups and centerpieces with serving utensils of Krupp cannons, that he called "German bombs". Shaping with a hammer and chisel, without heat.
I made my first knife, a classic Bowie design, at age 14 or 15 from a 12" flat Nicholson file. I didn't know that if I did not decrease the hardness of his blade, there is risk of breakage... and that's what happened.
Then I learned. Do not know what became of that knife, but I'd like to have it today.

 With Bill Moran in Knoxville, in 1989. A meeting that marked a milestone in my activity.
There is a "before" and "after".

Blade Show in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, 1989.

Like most novice metalworker I made several knives for myself and others, some were lost, others "borrowed" by friends that wanted them. By then I had learned to temper blades (from painful experience).
In April 1983 I joined the Craft Fair of San Isidro (Buenos Aires, Argentina), where I remained until December 1989. On July 14, 1984 (opening day) I joined the Craft Fair of Plaza Alvear (Recoleta, Capital Federal, Argentina), remaining there until December 1999, and holding the position of Guild Officer of the weekly visiting artisans at the fair from 1988 to 1993.

Bill Moran and I at the Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, in 1999. Bill holds my Bowie 1 in his hands.
Here I am in the "after".

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