Sheaths and single cases

A utility knife must be carried or transported comfortably and safely, so it is available more or less accessible according to their use or functionality.

A single knife sheath or carrier of leather may not necessarily be to carry on the waist. For example, a knife for cutting leather or "churrasquear" ( meat carving). is a planned occurrence in which there is time enough to find the knife.

Vertical sheath, conventional, adequate for most knives.

This sheath has the handle of the knife forward, it is handy for re holster and especially to draw the knife.
The up and forward movement goes very naturally, is more comfortable and possibly more quickly.
The people of "Practical shooting" have checked this.

A sheath of good sole, well lubricated, in addition to beautiful will last many years. If the sole is of poor quality will be bad look and have short life. The soles of good quality, take good color and develops a patina with the passage of time.

This is another comfortable position to carry the knife.
Very good for to holstering and re-holstering.
It is a special sheath for a hunter (in this example a right handed) because it necessarily carry a handgun on his strong side.
In this way the knife is in the side opposite his strong hand so the two weapons will not be disturbed.

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